5 Questions 5 Minutes – Phil Sharp (User Testing)

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This is a new feature where we interview people in the CRO industry, hoping to make this a weekly/monthly feature. The aim is to keep it simple and interesting to read, so the rules are simple, 5 questions in 5 minutes.

philsharpTo kick this off, we have interviewed Phil Sharp from User Testing! Want to be the next feature of our ’5 Questions in 5 Minutes’, tweet us at @convertify.

1. Any fun/exciting/unusual tests set by companies?

I love it when sites use us to get information about how their prospects might search for them. For example, say you’re a hotel in Hawaii. Rather than simply testing your website, you can ask people to go to Google and search for a place to vacation. Then you can watch them browse for a vacation spot and get great insight into what’s important to them, what types of information they look for, what sites they like, etc. This type of test always generates a ton of great ideas.

2. Top mistakes on mobile apps/sites?

Yeah, we definitely see some common issues pop up over and over again in our mobile user tests. Most of these issues revolve around the fact that many companies simply port their website into a mobile format without rethinking how their site will be used differently on a mobile device.

3. Most popular reason for users abandoning carts?

We recently ran a bunch of studies to try to answer this question, and we found that some of the most popular reasons are:

    • The checkout process requires filling out a lengthy registration form
    • The customer can’t use their preferred payment method
    • It’s just too early in the relationship (The customer is in “window shopping” mode)
    • The user is shocked by the shipping costs at the end of the process
    • The user doesn’t trust the company

4. Post test, any companies completely changed their plans (e.g. whole new site) etc..

Yup, some companies have definitely used us in that way. When this happens, it’s generally because they’ve built user testing into their process very early on. So, when they create their mockup, they user test it. When they have the first designs, they user test them. When they create the beta, they user test it some more. It’s much easier (and less costly) to make these sorts of big changes early on in the process before spending a lot of time on final design and dev work.

5. Most popular discovery from the tests?

I can’t put my finger on one particular most-popular discovery. There are definitely some common issues that come up, but often, the big AHA moments are different for each site. By working on our sites so much we can easily get tunnel vision and miss some of the obvious things that user tests will catch. Those are the types of things that lead to the best discoveries.

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