The Dreaded ‘About Us’ page

I’m writing this as I’m pissed off with seeing crap ‘About Us’ pages on websites! If I’m pissed off then so are others too! [Read more...]

My Review of Unbounce

I’ve been testing some PPC landing pages to increase the conversion rate. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on design and development therefore I decided to make it as easy as possible and took a free trial of Unbounce. I’ve been using the product for just over a month now and have to say I’m very happy with it!

Unbounce Logo

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5 Questions 5 Minutes – Phil Sharp (User Testing)

This is a new feature where we interview people in the CRO industry, hoping to make this a weekly/monthly feature. The aim is to keep it simple and interesting to read, so the rules are simple, 5 questions in 5 minutes.

philsharpTo kick this off, we have interviewed Phil Sharp from User Testing! Want to be the next feature of our ’5 Questions in 5 Minutes’, tweet us at @convertify. [Read more...]

Increase Email Open Rates on Gmail

By now everyone knows abut the new tabs on Gmail and how they are affecting email open rates! The blog is about conversion rate optimisation and there is no doubt that by increasing open rates in Gmail you will increase the amount of conversions (therefore we’re covering it!). [Read more...]

Ideas for A/B Tests from Ebay…


We can definitely learn from websites such as Amazon, Ebay, Apple and others with huge resources (money, time etc…). Of course, they are carrying out A/B testing on their product pages and across their website to get the best results and there is no reason why you can not take advantage of this. [Read more...]

Conversion Rate Experts Webinar – Customer Surverys

Last week I watched the webinar between Conversion Rate Experts and Qualaroo about the questions you should be asking your customer in surveys.

It was a great watch and the slides should explain more…

Magento Default Checkout – Our Results!

Magento LogoWe wrote a blog post back in August about the changes we were going to make to a default Magento Checkout and we promised we would post the results for you to have a look. This blog post is more about the results of those changes, therefore if you would like to know the thinking about the changes that we proposed then please do read the previous blog post. The following tests were recorded with over 2,000 visitors on the checkout phrase of the site. [Read more...]

Ryanair – To do some Usability & Conversion Rate Optimisation

I have to admit I was quite surprised to read an article in the Telegraph about how Ryanair are to become more customer orientated in the face of lower demand and a profit warning. I’m not one of those people who hate Ryanair, I think they provide a service to get from A to B and would rather have them as a choice than not.


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Why I Love User Testing!

I’m a huge fan of User Testing (nope it is not an affiliate link) to help with usability testing and give ideas on conversion rate optimisation. I’ve been using the platform for a few months now to test various scenarios (e.g. new mobile site goes live, new navigation, simplification of the checkout process etc…). It is definitely one of my favourite tools in my CRO toolbox.

User Testing

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Jeff Bezos – The King of Conversion

I’m currently reading One Click – Jeff Bezos and the Rise of Well worth a read!

From just the first chapter you can see how Jeff Bezos was obsessed with conversion rate optimisation. Even if the concept of CRO had not been born then!

Jeff Bezos - Crazy about Conversion Rate Optimisation

Jeff Bezos – Crazy about Conversion Rate Optimisation

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