Ideas for A/B Tests from Ebay…


We can definitely learn from websites such as Amazon, Ebay, Apple and others with huge resources (money, time etc…). Of course, they are carrying out A/B testing on their product pages and across their website to get the best results and there is no reason why you can not take advantage of this. [Read more...]

Magento Default Checkout – Our Results!

Magento LogoWe wrote a blog post back in August about the changes we were going to make to a default Magento Checkout and we promised we would post the results for you to have a look. This blog post is more about the results of those changes, therefore if you would like to know the thinking about the changes that we proposed then please do read the previous blog post. The following tests were recorded with over 2,000 visitors on the checkout phrase of the site. [Read more...]

Improving the conversion rate of the Magento Default Checkout

We are currently working with an e-commerce website based on the Magento shopping cart. We have been asked if we can increase the conversion rate of the actual checkout phase of the store.

Over the next few weeks we have a raft of A/B and multivariate testing to complete on the site and the client has agreed that we can publish the results of the A/B testing on our blog. [Read more...]