The Dreaded ‘About Us’ page

I’m writing this as I’m pissed off with seeing crap ‘About Us’ pages on websites! If I’m pissed off then so are others too! [Read more...]

Increase Email Open Rates on Gmail

By now everyone knows abut the new tabs on Gmail and how they are affecting email open rates! The blog is about conversion rate optimisation and there is no doubt that by increasing open rates in Gmail you will increase the amount of conversions (therefore we’re covering it!). [Read more...]

The Rise of the Review Sites – How to get the most out of them!

Trust has always been a big conversion winner especially for those websites which are not well known household brands. You may need to convince a customer that you will deliver goods, goods will be on time and that they trust they will have no problems getting a refund if required.

Developing trust on a website is crucial!

Developing trust on a website is crucial!

[Read more...]