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By now everyone knows abut the new tabs on Gmail and how they are affecting email open rates! The blog is about conversion rate optimisation and there is no doubt that by increasing open rates in Gmail you will increase the amount of conversions (therefore we’re covering it!).

If you have a great list then email marketing can be really profitable for you. Usually conversion rates are high and the monthly subscription fee is usually low to use the software. According to research from Mailchimp, open rates for Gmail since the introduction of the tabs has reduced open rates by around 10% (open rates dropping from around 15% to 13.5%).

Examples of how businesses trying to affect open rates

I subscribe to the Moz Newsletter (which I advise those interested in SEO to subscribe to as it contains a ton of useful information). It caught my eye at the end of the email that they are encouraging you to drag the email into the ‘Primary’ tab. They use a nice graphic to make it clear and simple to understand. Of course, the benefit being that future emails will appear in the ‘Primary’ tab and therefore open rates will increase in Gmail.

Graphic from Moz Newsletter Footer

Encouraging the user to drag the email into the ‘Primary’ tab

I will update this post as I see other businesses and retailers try and encourage users to move emails to the primary tab.

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