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Magento LogoWe wrote a blog post back in August about the changes we were going to make to a default Magento Checkout and we promised we would post the results for you to have a look. This blog post is more about the results of those changes, therefore if you would like to know the thinking about the changes that we proposed then please do read the previous blog post. The following tests were recorded with over 2,000 visitors on the checkout phrase of the site.

Magento Default Checkout v Magento One Step Checkout

We were able to use the Magento One Step Checkout in our A/B test and showed 50% of users the default checkout and the remaining 50% the one step checkout.

The result was a decrease of 9.3% when using the One Step Checkout compared to the Default Magento Checkout. Stick with the default!

Add Trust Logos

Once again we produced an A/B test using Visual Website Optimiser Magento Extension and put trust logos on the default checkout.

It is not surprising to report an increase of 18.6% conversion rate with the trust logos over the control version.

Reduce Input Fields

We stripped out some of the fields which I did not see as essential!

We seen an increase of 3.6% when taking out ‘phone number’ and ‘company’.

Postcode Address Generation

Inline with removing unnecessary fields, some of the biggest fields on the default Magento checkout are for the address to entered manually. By changing the checkout so the postcode produces the address we may be able to reduce some friction.

This new version with postcode generated address produced an increase of 6.8%.

Checkout Specific Headers & Footers

Can we reduce some of the noise on the checkout by having specific headers and footers for the checkout.

Surprisingly, this reduced the conversion rate by -1.24%. Maybe just a hiccup and not enough of a decrease to properly consider.

Inline Validation

Having inline validation (tick) next to each field to help users know they have correctly entered the information into the field.

Gave a super 12% increase in conversion, great!

Adding Paypal

Paypal staff preach about increases in conversion rate of 30%.

We seen a much lower increase of 18%, but still much welcome! 

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