My Review of Unbounce

I’ve been testing some PPC landing pages to increase the conversion rate. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on design and development therefore I decided to make it as easy as possible and took a free trial of Unbounce. I’ve been using the product for just over a month now and have to say I’m very happy with it!

Unbounce Logo

The Good Bits

  • The interface is very clear and easy to use. Easy to manage a large amount of landing pages by putting them into groups.
  • They have very good templates ready to use. No need to start from scratch, just choose a template and your ready to populate.
  • I love the editor, it is so quick to adapt templates and such an improvement on any of the old school WYSIWYG editors.
  • The support is very good. They understand the product and customers and if features are missing are willing to offer work a rounds. Overall the support forums are a pleasure to use.
  • I think the product is well priced, the starter plan is $49 which works out around £31.60 per month.

The Bad Bits

  • Unfortunately there is no functionality to test against pages outside of Unbounce (Unbounce host your new pages or they are published on your subdomain). For this you need to use another service such as Optimizely or Visual Website Optimizer. It would be great to have such functionality included in one place.
  • I was looking for a feature to easily pass through variable text on the landing pages from the PPC ads. There was a forum post about this subject from 3 years ago with an employee saying this was a feature they were looking to integrate in the near future. 3 years is a long time to wait for a new feature (however I believe they are about to roll out this feature).

Overall, a great tool for increasing conversion rates.