The Rise of the Review Sites – How to get the most out of them!

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Trust has always been a big conversion winner especially for those websites which are not well known household brands. You may need to convince a customer that you will deliver goods, goods will be on time and that they trust they will have no problems getting a refund if required.

Developing trust on a website is crucial!

Developing trust on a website is crucial!

Google understands that trust is a huge factor online for e-commerce stores and shows seller ratings in their Adwords search results. The implementation of these reviews has been a huge factor in the increase of review sites offering a paid service to merchants to use their system to show their reviews in Adwords. Some of the popular providers include TrustPilot, Feefo and eKomi. Google Adwords Seller Ratings The majority of merchants who use one of these services, will mainly use the service to get the reviews included as part of the Adwords advert. Of course there are obvious advantages such as:

  • Improved CTR (click through rate) – Having reviews on your Adwords ad gives you an extra line and makes your advert stand out. Therefore it is resonable to expect an uplift in CTR from having this feature.
  • Improved Quality score in Adwords – An improvement in quality score is based on many items a large input into quality score is the click through rate.
  • Improved conversions – The reviews should give the user the confidence to buy from the website.

However I do believe the majority of merchants are missing a trick and could improve their overall offering/conversion rate by correctly implementing the reviews:

  • First, the merchants should actively read the reviews and try and learn from them rather than they just being there to get the seller ratings on their Adwords ads. For example, by reading the reviews on TrustPilot John Lewis will be able to see the delivery is clearly letting down their service.
John Lewis unhappy customer

John Lewis unhappy customer

  • A nice feature I like from the Feefo review service is that they get a review overall about the service from the company and also individual reviews on the products ordered. Switched on merchants should put these reviews on their product pages to increase trust. Just like Charles Tyrwhitt do.
Charles Tyrwhitt Show Feefo Reviews on Product Page

Charles Tyrwhitt Show Feefo Reviews on Product Page


  • The product page is a great page to put all reviews for that particular product but I think it is also worthwhile putting a feed of the recent reviews in the template of the site.
Feed of the reviews in the template of the site

Feed of the reviews in the template of the site

You can find other information on seller ratings by browsing this presentation from Annica.

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  1. Thanks Darell for this article. You’re absolutely right that online reviews is so much more than adding stars in Google Seller Ratings, although it is often the first reason why ecommerce owners jump into that wagon. But customer reviews are much more powerful if handled correctly. You have sumes up pretty much all the facts, and the presentation from Annica complements it very well. If you’re in London in Oct. “nd and #rd, it would be great to meet and catch up at Ecommerce Expo.
    Bertrand Carton

  2. Hi Darrell, thanks for the great article on Reviews. It’s always nice when someone impartial working in SEO discusses the benefits. collect both merchant as well as product reviews because we know it gives our clients an opportunity to maximise trust. Many times, it’s simply a lack of information that leads to shopping cart abandonment, which product reviews can eliminate.
    Kind Regards,

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