The Dreaded ‘About Us’ page

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I’m writing this as I’m pissed off with seeing crap ‘About Us’ pages on websites! If I’m pissed off then so are others too!

When buying on the internet I tend to stick to brands I know, but sometimes no recognisable brand is selling the product I want and then I venture onto a website I do not know. In simple terms, I want to know I can trust you! Will you:

  • Make sure my personal details are safe or sell them for a couple of pence (or cents if in the USA)
  • Will you actually ship the product I have ordered or just choose to send a similar product?
  • Will I stand any chance of actually getting a refund or just keep my money if I decide to return the product?
  • Are you going to cause headaches for me if I place an order!

Have a look in your Google Analytics stats and you will see your ‘About Us’ page usually features quite high in the ‘page views’ report.

If you’re not a major brand (e.g. John Lewis/Debenhams etc.…) then you will need to pay special attention to your ‘About Us’ page.

If you’re a new website then make sure you have a good ‘About’ page as it will improve trust amongst your users. The culprits are usually small businesses who are trying to be something their not!


Why do users look at the about us page

Your users will look at your ‘About’ page as they have interest in the product or service you sell.

They want to hear your story, how did you get to where you are today or where did you do before offering this service or product? If your offering a service, show them you are an expert in this sector.

Potential customers may want to know the face behind the brand. How the company has grown or developed the product.

They maybe are looking for additional trust before they commit (e.g. order a product or complete a lead generation form). - Would I give my credit card details to this site? Would I f@#k!

Shocking ‘About Us’ pages

Lets have a look at some of these mind-numbingly boring and poor constructed ‘About’ pages I’m talking about. I got these examples from the Open Directory clothing page.

Reem Clothing

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 10.00.14

What is wrong with it?

• It is boring – just text! How many users have ever read this entire page.
• Same crap, different day! Includes the usual fluffy stuff (year started, what they sell and why they are unique (100% secure shopping site?!?)
• There is nothing personal about this page – who owns the site and why did they start it?
• Selling high value items, but no company details (company number, VAT number, contact details etc…)

What Would I Improve?

• The first job would be to break up the text with images. Give users some striking visuals to break up the page. Maybe of photo shoots in action?
• I would get rid of irrelevant text on the page.
• Make it personal, lets have a profile of who owns the business and those working at the business.
• Stress your USP which maybe the fact they do not have physical stores and therefore can offer cheaper prices.
• I would employ a freelance video editor to create a video for the site showing the activity behind the scenes.
• Show your vital statistics such as company number, VAT number and contact details.
• How did you start – give me the story? How have you grown? Did you start in your spare room! Tell me…

Panther Interiors

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 10.08.15

What is wrong with it?

• Reading the current text it states that companies choose to use them as they are dealing with the owners rather than a salesperson. Okay, that is great but who are the owners! Give me a profile, have they worked in this market for 20 years?!
• It seems they have some great high profile clients, maybe choose the 6 most recognisable and use their logos on your page. This will promote trust with their users.
• Poor call to action – at the end of the text it gives a salesperson’s contact details, why not have a photo with a proper call to action (e.g. Have a 5 minute Niall now to get the best office furniture etc…)

Now the Good Part

Lets have a look at a few examples of great ‘About Us’ pages:


Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 10.10.56

What a great example of how an About Us page should be!

➢ Tells a great story about the history with great graphics and background, visually it is great and those blocks of awful text are nowhere to be seen!
➢ Plenty of great content to show you they are experts in their field, detailed profiles of the staff and culture.
➢ You can see they have spent a considerable amount of time on this pages (and sub pages) rather than throwing 400 words together to populate the site.

You may feel that great ‘About Us’ pages are easier to do for service companies (such as Moz) as the product is all about the people. Frankly I do not agree, I think you can have a great ‘About Us’ page on e-commerce websites just look at Ugmonk.

Another good example is Bellroy they may not have spent the same amount of time on their pages as Ugmonk but still the page is easy for the user to skim and appealing.

So, What Should We Include on About Us Page?

1. Lets get the company story (please don’t make it boring!). Just be honest:

o How did you start (ok to say in a spare bedroom)
o How did you grow the business?
o Any notable events etc…
o Make it sound personal
o Leave out the aims (we aim to be zzzzzzzz)

2. Lets get some staff profiles in there:

o Who runs the company?
o Who are the key staff?
o Make it sound personal
o Get some head shots

3. Include some vital Stats

o How long you been in business
o Any amazing things (Amazon is a client, wow!)
o Over 10,000 orders each month
o Don’t make them boring stats, think of presenting it as an infograph

4. Spice up the page and include a video

o Why not get a video onto the page

5. Use great graphics!

o Often users will skim the text and look at the graphics! Great graphics go a long way to engaging with users.

Measure how your new page is doing

Use Google Analytics to benchmark before and after you redesign your ‘About Us’ page. What effect has the redesign had on time on page, bounce rates?

If the page is prominent and a lot of visitors click on the page, then consider using A/B testing software such as Optimizely and Visual Website Optimizer to see how this affects micro-conversion on the site.

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