Why I Love User Testing!

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I’m a huge fan of User Testing (nope it is not an affiliate link) to help with usability testing and give ideas on conversion rate optimisation. I’ve been using the platform for a few months now to test various scenarios (e.g. new mobile site goes live, new navigation, simplification of the checkout process etc…). It is definitely one of my favourite tools in my CRO toolbox.

User Testing

I’m a big fan of making things simple to use and User Testing is just that! So, why do I like the system so much?

Super Quick

I can setup a task before lunch and I know that before I leave work at the end of the day I will have the videos of the test in my dashboard. There is no complex code to integrate into the site, no recruitment of testers and setting up a test environment. It is great to get results so quickly and start to understand the issues from the tests.


I really like the dashboard at User Testing, you can stop videos at any point and annotate, therefore if a user’s video is 20 minutes and they make a comment at 8 minutes into the video you can make an annotation in the dashboard and this will be recorded. I love this feature as it avoids making notes outside the system and those comments are still there months later.

Get Really Specific

Ask for users to test with a certain characteristic. I asked for a user to show me how my mobile site interacts on a Samsung Galaxy S3 with a Chrome browser. Getting really specific lets you resolve usability issues and gets excellent feedback. User Testing have a large number of testers and even with really specific requirements I usually get results in 24 hours.

Pricing Structure is Simple (& Cheap!)

The service is both cheap and simple. Your not tied into any contracts and you just pay as you go! The more tests you buy the cheaper it becomes.

Always been helpful

Every time I have used the service one of the users have identified an issue which I had not noticed or even understood would be an issue! I’ve given an examples of this from a recent test below.

How things could be improved

I would like to specify different demographics for users on an individual level. For example, if I choose 3 testers then I have to pick the same demographics for the 3 of them. Maybe I would like 2 female and 1 male to get a more balanced test. Obviously with it being quite cheap we could run multiple tests but then costs and time increase.

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  1. Wow! Thanks for being a customer of ours Darrell. We’re all really flattered (and thankful) for all the nice things you have to say.

    I definitely agree that it would be great to specify different demographics for users on an individual basis. I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say that there’s a good chance it’s coming soon :).

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